Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away

Who We Are

First and foremost we are a family run business. The Don Simon juice brand was first launched in Spain in 1982. Since then it has grown to become Spain´s number one juice brand and now we sell our Fruit Juice globally.

Being Spain’s number 1 juice brand, we know a fair amount about what makes good juice. We only use the very best quality fruits to create our fruit juices.

Our Oranges are grown near to the delightful town of Huelva in Southern Spain on our own groves. It is there, surrounded by fresh juicy orange groves, that oranges just picked from the tree are squeezed in 24 hours. As well as the 15,000 hectares of our own orange groves, we also help the local economy by buying local farmers produce as well, which benefits everyone.

Why Don Simon? 

  • Our oranges are picked and squeezed all within 24 hours
  • Squeezed and pressed in the country of origin – Spain
  • Picked at optimum ripeness
  • Nothing added, nothing taken away

Why are Don Simon REALLY Fresh

The Travelling Orange!

As you can see from our picture most Oranges come from Florida or Brazil, Florida and Brazil have an average flight time to the UK of between 10-12 hours, but as Spain is only 2 hours away our Oranges spend much less time travelling keeping them fresher and helping keep those Food miles down and our air cleaner.

And Now For the Tech Stuff!

Our oranges are grown in our very own groves, so we can ensure they are just perfect for juicing. Once picked, we individually squeeze each one all within 24 hours ensuring maximum freshness. We simply grow, pick and squeeze… adding nothing at all along the way.

Yes, we pasteurize our juice but only once to ensure it is safe once it arrives in the UK. With flash pasteurization, the aromas, vitamins and minerals are perfectly preserved. The benefit to that is, fruit juices can be kept for a few weeks in the refrigerator without having to add preservatives and most importantly without losing flavour and taste!

This is different to most other chilled juices on the market which may pasteurise their juices by up to 4 times because they travel for so far away! Each pasteurisation taking away a little more of that natural freshness each time.

Know our plantation?

Near to the delightful town of Huelva in Southern Spain, Don Simon has a unique production facility. It is there, surrounded by fresh juicy orange groves, that we are able to squeeze, in 24 hours, oranges just picked from the tree.

As well as the 15,000 hectares of our own orange crops, we have long-term contracts with farmers of the local area that guarantees the quality of our raw material.