Our production

Near to the delightful town of Huelva in Southern Spain, Don Simon has a unique production facility. It is there, surrounded by fresh juicy orange groves, that we are able to squeeze, in 24 hours, oranges just picked from the tree. As well as the 1,500 hectares of our own orange crops, we have long-term contracts with farmers of the local area that guarantees the quality of our raw material.

Huelva has the capacity to process more than 2,000 tonnes of fruit a day. We have a refrigerated and robotized warehouse where we can store 14,000 pallets. We also have our own system of fully sustainable energy production. At Huelva, Don Simon is totally committed to the environment.

There is no waste

We turn orange peel into animal feed and we extract the essential orange oils for use in the perfume industry. We use drip irrigation to ensure we only use the necessary amount of water in the growing of our crops. We also have our own reservoir and desalination facilities.

As part of our environmental commitment, we have also reserved 250 hectares of our farmland as a nature reserve and are dedicated to the protection of the Bustard (a protected species in Europe) with the introduction of feeding troughs for the birds to use.