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This just proves that Bilbo is happy where he is because he feels like he belongs there.” STEEL Paragraph: [S] “The Hobbit looks at how one’s perspective of how they fit into the world can bring about a sense of belonging, as seen through Bilbo’s love of the Shire. [T] Props are used throughout the first few scenes of the film to establish that Bilbo has read widely of the world outside the Shire, [E] shown symbolically through his collection of maps and books on foreign places. [T] The fact that he is so interested in the outside world yet has no desire to leave the Shire clearly demonstrates that he feels he belongs there, and recognises that leaving his home would lead to severe alienation. This sense of connection to his home is cemented in Bilbo’s costuming, his clothes made of materials with the same worn textures and earthy colours that are seen throughout his home, Bag End. [L] Through this a visual link between him and his home is established and proves to the viewer just how connected to it he feels.

The process professional copyediting service browse of actually going over your own work with a critical eye and figuring out how you can improve it helps you in lots of different ways.

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For one, editing allows you to improve on the task at hand , be it a class essay, a practice response or just something you’ve written for fun. It also allows you to look at your work critically and identify any issues or weaknesses with your writing and work to fix them . This in turn makes you more aware of where your writing needs improvement and therefore allows you to be more aware of these things and hopefully improve on them in the future. First Draft – Planning.

Example: Instead of John went to the store, He went to the… Writing Effective Memos.

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